Love my name

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Name that… You!.”

Hey everyone,

My parents chose to name me “Shilpi” but if I could give my two cents on it, I would’ve gone with something fancier. I faintly remember that did express my displeasure by crying but some wretched soul put a pacifier in my mouth. As I grew up the name grew on me because A- It was short, B- It couldn’t be distorted so no one made fun of it in school but I was delighted with my name when I saw its meaning on Urban dictionary recently. Urban dictionary describes my name as a beautiful, intelligent, but unattainable woman. Flattering, thank you UD 😉 however, I’m sure my parents didn’t focus on this definition especially on the “unattainable” part while choosing this name. In fact, the name shilpi stems from Sanskrit and means an artist, more precisely a sculptor and I can say that I’m an artist of sorts as I’m a trained kathak dancer and though I’m not a sculptor, I could easily call myself a savant. Gazing at sculptures and other work of art is like a balm for my senses. I can spend hours noticing all its intricacies, all its imperfections caused by wear and tear of time and other finer details. I am also a hoarder of stone sculpture, it’s my hobby new-found neurosis which is proving to be fatal for my husband and his credit card. I recon from my recent trip to Bali and how I moped around for hours because my husband denied firing his Amex card to buy me the 4th statue I had my eyes on. Well, I know it started with my name  and I can clearly see I’ve gone on a tangent but I guess it was important to help you feel my flow :-). Hence folks, I’d like to say that I love the name my parents gave me and I think it totally compliments the eccentric me.  Why eccentric? Well, most artists are slightly eccentric, aren’t they?

Candelishous Me

Hello lovely readers,

I have this immense love for candles and a deeper love for artistically designed candle stands. Gone are the days when candles were lit during a power outage. Today they are perfect companions of lamps and other diffused mood lighting that create  a romantic, serene and a sublime setting, just about anywhere. Aromatic, non-aromatic, floating, non-floating, pillar, jar or tea- lights, I find all of them equally enthralling and uplifting.  Here are pics of some pretties that really had me at hello.


Love these Moroccan jar candle holders. Rich, ethnic, functional and artistic are the adjectives that come to my mind for them and of course not to forget therapeutic because of the soothing envelope of the soft light they create.

Here’s another ethnic dee light, I mean delightful tea light 🙂 The splash of cool colors  spell charm and a regal elegance.


And just in case if you have a finger on the pulse of innovative home decor ideas, I have something for you as well.


If you’re one of those who go wherever creativity takes you, I bet you’d love the creativity that oozes from this piece of work


Another one…mmm..I know a little creepy for some of us but creative nonetheless. Will gel well with Halloween decor along with the ubiquitous  jack-o-lanterns.


And now for those who come from the do -it -yourself brigade, here are some tips to create simple yet eye-catching tea light holders using plain-vanilla household stuff.

1)Laced Tea lights

a)Lay your hands on a simple juice glass. Something on these lines


b) Get some lace strips like these –ImageImage

c) Paste it around the glass like this…superglue will be happy to obligeImage

There you go…this is how the plain- vanilla glasses got a lacy and sensual makeover. Perfect for a valentine dinner date


2) Wine goblet candle holders. Wine goblets can definitely carry their liquor 😉 but they also  can carry candles with the same elan.

Things you’ll need-

a) Wine goblets (at least 2). Tulips or martini glasses would also suffice. Image

b) Fill it with your favorite..uh… sorry fill it 3/4th  with plain water. Throw in some fresh rose petals and a floating candle.

Like this one-

or this

You could also create more colorful layers using colored stones at the base of the glass. Like this one-


Watching these simple- to -make luminaries glow, will  fill you with the joy of creating your own masterpiece. May these bring you all the light and more…